Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wonderful Sundays

Today was Homecoming at church! I love it. Its basically an excuse for us to get together and eat. We don't even need a reason to get together and eat, we do it every Sunday night after church. And of course, we got together tonight even though we didn't even have church.

So what did I take to Homecoming? Mom's delicious angel food cake trifle and Paula Deen's Chicken/Rice Casserole.

Recipe for Heaven:
Get your big trifle bowl
How much are you making? Well it depends on your bowl. My bowl is rather large, so I doubled it.
One angel food cake, sliced horizontally, then cut into chunks
One container of Cool Whip
One can of fruit pie filling (cherry, strawberry, blueberry, etc. I wouldn't use apple)

Cover the bottom of your bowl in cake, then cover with fruit, then cover with Cool Whip.
Repeat layers until you get to the top.

That's it! Everyone thinks its complicated, but its not. Stewart even gave me a shout-out during church about it.

Chicken and rice casserole, compliments of Mrs. Paula Deen.

So after the food coma set in and we all took naps, we got together for dinner. As if we hadn't eaten enough during lunch.

But that's my church family! And part of the reasons why I love Sundays :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

A travel story

After reading Caroline's story about traveling back to Scotland, it reminded me of my trip back to Greenville from Dallas last summer. I hope you enjoy.

Returning from Dallas
So I went back to Dallas this week for some more training. This time, for manager operations (things like payroll, HR, and scheduling). Extreme opposite of last time I went for training. The class was good, I actually managed to do math by myself and I got it right. I was very proud.

The main point of this blog is about the traveling back. We thought our class was ending at 5pm, but we managed to get out around 4pm. Cool. So we all get to DFW, to our respective terminals and get checked in. Take the Skylink to meet up with everyone and get something to eat, because we still have time before our flights. No problem.

We all say goodbye around 715, and head out. I get to my gate, we're right on time. Perfect. We board and taxi down the runway. After being in the air for a little while, we heard a very loud noise. Well, they had turned off the seatbelt sign, so we figure it was nothing. Then they announced that we were going through some turbulence and need to stay in our seats. Right when I was trying to head to the restroom.

Get back to my seat and then they announce that there was a problem with the landing gear, it wouldnt go back up into the plane. Well, we cant fly very high with our landing gear down, so we cant go to Phoenix. We have to fly around Dallas for another hour, hour and a half to dump fuel so we can get to a proper landing weight. In Dallas.

We land in Dallas, and they announce that there is a plane coming in from Phoenix and they're going to let us use that one. It'll be here in about an hour. Meaning 1130pm. So....everyone misses their connecting flight in Phoenix. And there was NOTHING going to North Carolina on Thursday night, hence why I was getting a connection in Phoenix, to take their redeye to get back to NC. Of course, I was the ONLY person on the plane connecting back east. They tried to help all the people going west to LA, Orange County, etc, but didnt bother to help me. So I had to wait in line after all the California people.

I was given a hotel room, and placed on a 7am flight out of Dallas to Charlotte the next morning. I was also told that my luggage would be removed from the plane and I could pick it up from downstairs. During this time, my phone is dying. Because my cell phone charger is in my suitcase. On the plane.

I get downstairs to baggage claim, call my parents and let them know whats going on, and wait for my suitcase. Three rounds of bags and no suitcase. At this time, I wasnt the only one with this problem. A guy, I think he said his name was Thor, a mom and her daughter, Michelle I think. We wait and wait and wait. We ask the baggage agent whats going on and he proceeds to get beligerant with us. "Look, if your bag isnt here then its on that plane. We cant get it off because that plane is leaving." Thor asked him if he could check to make sure that it wasnt just outside, so he did. He comes back and announced that none of our bags were outside, we would just have to get them later.

Ok. This is my first time I've ever had my luggage lost, so I dont know what to do. I'm trying to ask him what this means and where my suitcase is, and he starts to yell at me, telling me that my luggage is going to my destination. I explain that I'm no longer going to Phoenix, so whats going to happen? "Wheres your final destination? Its going there. I cant go get it." I said something about needing something in there. "Look lady, I can give you a toiletry kit." Thank you, but I'm sure you dont have saline solution for contacts. Then he turned to Michelle, the daughter, and said, "Lady I've told you, your bags arent here." To which she said, I'm just looking for 2 of those kits please.

So we all head downstairs to wait for the hotel shuttle. We werent given an address or a phone number, just a name of a hotel. Thor calls information and manages to get in touch with the hotel. While we're waiting, I go back upstairs to get a toiletry kit and the agent starts in on me again. "Why in the world are you going to Phoenix to get to Charlotte?! Look, your bag isnt here." I need a toiletry kit, please. There wasnt anything leaving out of Dallas to NC tonight, so I had to get a connection somewhere. I'm just trying to go home.

Get downstairs, the van FINALLY shows up. We all get checked in, and I finally lay down on the bed at 130am. My wakeup call was at 5am. I'm downstairs at 515am, waiting for the van to take me back to the airport. I call my boss a little after 6am Dallas time, to let him know that I'm still in Texas and to please call Jonathan and tell him not to go to PGV at 10am to pick me up, as I wont be there. Why couldnt I do that? Because my phone was completely dead. Wont even turn on.

Get on my plane, snooze for a good part of the flight and land in Charlotte no problem. I had to call my parents collect because my phone was dead. And my charger is in my suitcase, somewhere in Phoenix. I tried to call information to call some people in Greenville so I could get a ride home but it wouldnt let me. The only numbers I know by heart are my parents and my store. I had to keep walking around the airport or I would have fallen asleep at my terminal. Luckily, when I went to buy a watch and a wrap (shawl, not sandwich), the lady told me that they had a wireless store just past her store. Hooray! I can buy a cellphone charger! Had to buy a watch bc I didnt know what time it was.

Hallelujah! I have a charger! Get back to my gate, and its a happy day, because I can call people. I got my ride taken care of, let all my classmates know I was almost home, and able to call my parents again. Lara was my hero! She didnt have anything going on, so she was able to pick me up! Yay!!

So. Time to get home to Greenville. Flight was delayed by 20 minutes, but not a big deal. Clee called me to make sure I was on the plane. I land in Greenville, and Lara was waiting for me inside. comes the luggage. We keep looking for my big pink ribbon and there it is!!!! My suitcase made it to Greenville! Praise Jesus!

So. I'm still tired. I got home, showered because I hadnt in forever. Promptly tried to fall asleep, as I've been up since 530am Thursday morning, other than my 3 hour nap in the hotel. Go give a friend a ride to work, then back home. Where I do fall asleep. And miss dinner with the girls. I wake up around 9 or so, and decide to order dinner bc if I leave the house in my car, I'll run it into something.

So here I am. I'm back in Greenville and still tired. But its ok, because I dont have to work until Monday (yes, I'm working on Labor Day). I'm just glad to be back home.

North Carolina is a great place to be.