Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I lost my summer

Hello friends!

So my boss went on leave for like, a month. But he's back and all healed from his surgery. Camp was fantastic. We had 11 baptisms! Pretty incredible, huh?

ECU is about to start up again, which will be great for business. It's been ridiculously slow around these parts, so we're cutting payroll where we can. However, I'm not looking forward to the increase in traffic.

I am, however, looking forward to football season! The new stadium looks great!

I had a playday with Molly yesterday. It was so fun! We went to Jumpin' Parties, lunch, Target, and the pool! Whew, she wore me out.

I should be at the gym running, but I really need to go to the grocery store. I have like, no food in the house. I should remedy this situation quickly.

Oh, and Leslee is officially a NC resident, even if I havent seen her yet. We'll get around to it. She's just been really busy since they got back. Busy? Whats that? No one's busy around here!

Ok. Off to the store. I grabbed a few recipes from my Mom when I was home last week, and I'm interested to see how they work out!

Have a lovely week!

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