Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it really only Tuesday?

My favorite holiday is this weekend! I love July 4th. Being from a military town and family, I'm deeply patriotic. I will wear my red, white and blue. I will stand for the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance. My favorite part of the day is when the Marine Corps band plays the 1812 Overture and they shoot actual cannons. And then the fireworks! Best fireworks I've ever seen.

I had to call Customer Support today, that was fun. My customer had called last week and gotten their account squared away, but for whatever reason, the account was still on hold. So I had to get on the phone and make sure it was fixed. Then I let them know that this has happened before, for the SAME customer, and I had to call and make sure it was fixed.

And I had to talk with my salesperson. Always a fun time. I used to be the center sales person, but whatever.

I need to clean my room. I need to clean out my closet, and load up some more boxes to take to Goodwill. I took about 7 boxes a few weeks ago. I need to clean my bathroom. I need to clean my house.

Maybe the cleaning will help me clear out my head.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm the "single girl". The odd one out, the third wheel. Normally it doesnt bother me, because I've got my own life going on. But sometimes, mostly on days like today, it really bums me out.

I love helping to throw wedding and baby showers. But then its just another reminder of me being the "single girl". I'm tired of being single. Seriously. Its getting old. I was talking with Rachel at church today and found out that we have a lot in common. She was single for a long time before she met Drew, and then it was meant to be. And I know that God has someone special just for me, and His timing is perfect. But His timing isnt mine. And I'm very impatient. We've had talks about this before.

I like wearing dresses and heels. Mostly, I wear them to church. But I want to be able to wear them and go out on a date. It gets very lonely on my couch on the weekends, as I'm sitting alone watching tv or a movie. Sometimes, its nice to stay home. But maybe I want to sit on the couch with someone else.

My friends who are in relationships (married or dating) are awesome. They invite me over, and we hang out, or go out to eat, or whatever. It helps, because thats a Friday or a Saturday where I'm not alone. I normally dont make a big deal about it, but sometimes, I just get lonely.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First things first

This is my first blog since like, Xanga so I may be a little rusty.

I went to VBS to help Lara in the kitchen with the snacks. I never officially sign up to help with VBS, because I dont want to make the demand for a whole week where I need to be off work by 5pm or so. So if it happens to work out and I can help, Lara knows that I'll be there. I've been cutting and peeling apples all week. Some of the childen are lovely and listen quite well. Some of them.....well, lets just say they dont listen quite so well. Some of them must not have home-training. But I love hanging out with Lara. She's definately my best friend at church.

Tomorrow I'm going to Jacksonville with my friend Jaimie. She just graduated from Nursing School and got a job at Onslow, so we're gonna go check some things out.

I need to put my flowers in some water. Mark at church brought some BEAUTIFUL gladiolus to the church and was just giving them away, since they didnt sell at the market.