Thursday, April 22, 2010

I think my boss is trying to kill me

No, not really. Wednesday was just a really really really busy day at work, especially after I'd been on vacation since last Friday. And had an amazing time on vacation, by the way.

Thank you Leslee and Adam, for letting come and visit once again. Thanks for letting me meet your friends, too! Now I have new blogging buddies (I'm looking at you, Jamie), and some new Facebook friends.

Today was the last day of classes at ECU. All of the art students applying for submission will be bombarding my store now until Monday. We'll need coffee, if anyone wants to donate or send ;)

I get to have dinner tomorrow night with my parents, grandmother and aunt (who came all the way from Delaware)! Getting together with family is always fun! And next week, I'll be going home so I can go ride with my parents on their motorcycles for their annual fundraiser.

I need to start running again next week. I have another 5k in May, this one for my church. I've taken like, 2 weeks off. I have like, 3 weeks to get ready. Thankfully I've already taken care of some distance running to get in shape. Now its just maintenance and endurance. I'd like to shave off some time this next go 'round.

I have to open tomorrow, and then close on Saturday. So.....I'm going to bed soon! Goodnight!

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  1. It was really fun! Come again for Resident Bowling Night at Northwestern next year, bring Leslee & Adam, and we'll all crash (because technically, Shawn isn't supposed to attend either as a Fellow). :)